How to Collaborate

Collaborate – To work jointly with others or together especially in an intellectual endeavor. Merriam Webster Dictionary. Collaborate is closely related to cooperation. The United States of America is a function of collaborating States.

Know your position on a matter and, recognize that there are other points of view held by people who are as sure of their ideas as you are of yours.

Take a step back from you position and try to see a wider perspective. One side says less taxes and the other says increase services. Both sides may agree that a review of the current budget may reveal ways to address the needs of less taxes and expanded services in one area with reduced funding in another.


It seems when we think of the word “communication”, talking is what we first think of. However, there is much more to communication than words coming out of our mouths!

Talking is merely a part of oral communication. Oral communication also includes listening. Listening can take skill and it is an important part of communication itself.