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MCRC, Inc. & Community Mediation Maryland (CMM) has awarded Timothy Johnson the 2023 Community Mediation Volunteer of the Year Award for Howard County, Maryland!

MCRC, Inc. & Community Mediation Maryland (CMM) has awarded Susan Jameson the Community Mediation 2022 Volunteer of the Year Award for Howard County, Maryland!

Susan was awarded in recognition of her exceptional contributions to MCRC, Inc. and the community of Howard County, as well as the time and energy devoted to community mediation.


The 2022 MCRC Volunteer of the Year Award was awarded to Susan Jameson

Susan Jameson volunteers and assists with the re-entry mediation program, volunteers and mediates for our community mediation services, re-entry mediation, co-parenting mediation, district court referrals, circuit court referrals, as well as restorative practices, and Howard County Public School System referrals. In general, and not to be exaggerating, butSusan Jameson has always been willing to do anything mediation and restorative practices for MCRC, Inc. throughout the years.

Specifically, from 2021 to 2022, Susan Jameson has been paramount to MCRC, Inc. during the COVID-19 Pandemic, as she has created and facilitated conflict resolution workshops for our partners, other non-profit organizations in Howard County.

Susan Jameson has also worked as a consultant with the Deputy Executive Director moving forward with services in Howard County when we were severely limited on staff and
volunteers due to restrictions and liabilities following the COVID-19 Pandemic, and the loss of our Executive Director when she stepped down in 2020. Susan Jameson has offered over 100+ hrs. of volunteer work in the past twelve months.

Thank you and congratulations Susan, for your service to the center and the community. Mediation and Conflict Resolution Center of Howard County Staff and Volunteers!

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