What We Do: Re-entry Mediation

Re-Entry Mediation is a service MCRC provides through a strong and healthy partnership with Howard County Detention Center (HCDC) in Jessup, MD. With the assistance of two professionally trained volunteer mediators, this specific process allows insiders to have a face-to-face guided conversation with outside participants who they may feel are important to their success as members of the community. Re-entry mediation session are held at HCDC, all participants, and the mediators must abide by HCDC rules and regulation while on HCDC premises.

Participation in re-entry mediation is neutral, confidential, and voluntary. Inmates who elect to mediate are encouraged to use the session to make plans to support their return into the community upon release. The participants can create action plans focusing upon important topics, such as employment, living arrangements, school, and relationships.

Research shows that re-entry mediation reduces recidivism by 10% for one session and 7% for each additional session. The re-entry mediation program is available in all Maryland state prisons and 11 local detention centers. The Maryland program is considered a national model, with attempts to replicate it currently underway in 3 other states.



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